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Aaron Kurtz, Dayton Area Sales Manager
Aaron has been working with his dad at Schoolhouse Electronics since he was 14 years old. After many years installing and learning the business Aaron moved over to sales. In 2023 Aaron became one of the Schoolhouse owners. Aaron is engaged and will be getting married later this year.

Eli Lemley, Greater Columbus Sales Manager

Eli is our newest salesman. He worked as an installer with Schoolhouse Electronics for about a year and a half before signing on as a full time employee. Eli will spend the next couple years learning and shadowing other salesmen until he is ready to fully support customers on his own. He recently moved to Chillicothe to be able to provide services for customers in the greater Columbus area.

Gregus Smith, Dayton Area Sales Manager

Gregus is one of the founders of Schoolhouse Electronics and is now enjoying his time as an employee before he fully retires. He has an impressive list of accomplishments at his previous job and in our company, but values the relationships he built more than the commendations. Gregus enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and spoiling his grandkids.

Jim Kaltenbach, Cleveland Area Sales Manager

Jim worked with the original team before Schoolhouse Electronics was started and has been helping customers with AV solutions for over 30 years. He is quick to respond and makes sure any customer needs are met before or after the sale. Jim enjoys adventure (including years of skydiving) and now goes along with his wife and kids on their adventures!

Joe Dickson, North Central Ohio Area Sales Manager

Joe initially came to work with Schoolhouse as our lead installer. After getting comfortable in the role and seeing how our unique company operates, we asked Joe to move over to sales. He has taken on the responsibilities and is quickly growing and learning. Joe cares for his young, growing family and is happy to talk to anyone about his love of coffee, cars, and gardening.

Josh Smith, Fort Wayne Area Sales Manager

Josh joined the company in 2012 as a salesman to expand the company into Indiana. He now sells in the greater Fort Wayne area as well as western Ohio. In 2023 Josh became a co-owner with Aaron. When he is not working he spends time with his family or projects with his church.

Larry Wilson, Toledo Area Sales Manager

Larry has been working with the original core team for decades before Schoolhouse Electronics was established. He is one of our most experienced salesmen and programmers specializing in Extron. Larry is our go-to when we have questions about complicated rooms. He really enjoys spending time with his kids and grandkids.


Kay Arico, Office Manager

Kay has been with Schoolhouse Electronics from the beginning and worked with several of the others before our company was created. We can’t say enough about how good and important Kay is to our company. She is the glue that holds Schoolhouse together: managing inventory, helping with ordering, invoicing customers, resolving our mistakes, and so much more. Kay enjoys spending time with her growing family and church family as well as volunteering at a local play house.

Dak Clymer, Lead Installer

Dakoda has been working with us already for a few years, but was hired on as our Lead Installer when Joe Dickson moved over to sales. He is able to lead installs, train our new installers, and makes sure we have all the tools and supplies we need for jobs. Dak is involved with a new church plant, multiple Bible studies, and has been increasing his skill at disc golf.

Matthew Mangum, Programming and Networking Manager

Matt was hired on in 2022 as our lead programmer and networking manager. He quickly got his Extron programming certifications, learned the network/cloud related side of our products, and keeps our office tech running smooth. He has a background in construction and is a huge help on our installs. Matt recently finished his degree in Computer Information Systems and is always looking for his next area of growth.