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In 2005 Gary Kurtz and Gregus Smith created Schoolhouse Electronics to work with customers in Ohio. Each owner had decades of AV sales experience with various awards and accolades – together they opened the headquarters in Bluffton, OH. Several of the first employees were longterm coworkers from a previous company which helped Schoolhouse Electronics thrive since many on our team were already working together.
In 2009, several years after the company was started, Schoolhouse built their main office and warehouse. More salesmen were added as we grew; in 2013 we expanded into Indiana and recently we have started working in southern Michigan. Then in 2023, Gary and Gregus’ sons, Aaron Kurtz and Josh Smith, took over the business.
Our company primarily provides products and services to K-12 schools (both public and private), but also colleges/universities, businesses, churches, government agencies, and education support organizations. All of our salesmen are in charge of all aspects of supporting their customers. Before the sale they provide product recommendations, demos, walkthroughs, and system design. At the time of purchase they will get you a quote and will lead a team of installers if you want our labor included in the purchase. After your products are installed the salesman will still be the main contact for troubleshooting and warranty assistance. One contact for for everything you need! With a focus on providing a full range of services, our customers are more like friends.
As technology and education have changed, our company has adapted to the needs of our customers and our employees have learned new ways to provide solutions and support. Whether you are looking for interactive classrooms, large venue solutions with control systems, instruction in remote management, the proper cabling to use, how to get the best sound quality in a room, or any number of other AV solutions, we are here to help!